Double Medium Antler Bottle - Gold / Geode

SKU: AB2M-Geo-Gld


Gold - Geode

Color: Gold - Geode

Silver - Geode

Color: Silver - Geode

White - Geode

Color: White - Geode

White on Black - Geode

Color: White on Black - Geode

White on White - Pyrite

Color: White on White - Pyrite

White - Tourmaline Stone

Color: White - Tourmaline Stone


Our uniquely designed Double Medium Antler Bottle is elegant and rustic at the same time. This bottle features 2 medium size antlers embellished with geodes and or stones. This Antler Bottle is beautiful enough to stand alone or grouped within a tablescape.

Color Options:

  • White Antlers on black bottle - Geode stone
  • Gold Antlers - Geode stone
  • Silver Antlers- Geode Stone
  • White Antlers - Geode Stone
  • White Antlers - Tourmaline Stone
  • White Antlers on White bottle - Pyrite Stone

Approx Dimensions:

  • 18-22" H
  • 17" W"
  • 12" D

Pieces in our collections are hand crafted using either natural sea life, geode stones, minerals or crystals which are personally hand selected by Jamie.  All are unique in appearance and will vary slightly in character, size, color, etc. No two are alike making your Jamie Dietrich piece truly a one of a kind collectible piece of art.

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